O ur Wall Displays Units are tremendously flexible, visually striking and are much more than just storage systems.

Wall displays Units come in modular designs, they are designed to utilise our full range of leaflet holder products and can be mixed and matched to suit differing leaflet sizes.

The modular design allows many display variations and the flexibility to be able to continually alter, update or expand your Wall Display.

Whether you require A4, A5, 1/3 A4, Postcard holders or a combination of holders our high quality Wall Display Unit Range is designed to meet your specific needs.

All Wall Displays are easy to assemble.

Contact us for more information and prices inclusive of mainland UK delivery charges.

Every conceivable leaflet holder combination available.

 Wall Display Units

Some examples of Wall Display Unit combinations.

16 A4 Leaflet Design16 Vertical Postcards

8 1/3 A4 + 4 A4 Leaflet Design32 1/3 A4 Leaflet Design


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Part Number Dimensions (mm) (h w)
4 A4 Leaflet Holders WD4A4 456x450
8 A4 Leaflet Holders WD8A4 760x450
16 A4 Leaflet Holders WD16A4 760x900
8 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders WD8TF 560x225
16 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders WD16TF 560x450
32 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders WD32TF 560x900
8 1/3 A4, 4 A4 Leaflet Holders WD8TF4A4 680x450
16 1/3 A4, 8 A4 Leaflet Holders WD16TF8A4 680x900
16 Vertical Postcard Holders PWD16V 570x500
24 Horizontal Postcard Holders PWD24H 540x720
8 Vertical,18 Horizontal Postcards PWD8V18H 565x790

Immediately available from UK stock

All prices quoted will include mainland UK delivery charges

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