Leaflet Display Systems supply a range of World Class leaflet display systems.

Our range includes, Leaflet Holders, Business Card Holders, Postcard Holders, Multi Tiered Storage Systems, Wall Display Systems, Display Carousels, Display Trolleys, Foyer Stands and Accessories.

Leaflet Display Systems come in modular designs which we believe enables us to offer one of the worlds largest and most flexible leaflet display products. All systems can be mixed and matched to suit different leaflet sizes.

Our unique modular design allows many display variations and the flexibility to continually modify, update or expand your leaflet display system. Interchangeable display systems offer solutions for every imaginable display application.

The key to the versatility of our product range is the clip on design of our leaflet holders which form the basis of every display from the simple desk top and counter displays to the most imaginative multi tiered Carousel, Trolley, Foyer Stand or Wall display.

All holders can be clipped together to create a multitude of designs to meet your every business need and can be used in a variety of point of sale displays.

Contact us to discuss your business needs including prices inclusive of mainland UK delivery charges.

All products are stocked in the UK

Leaflet Holders

A4 - A5 - 1/3 A4

Manufactured from clear, high impact, scratch resistant styrene creating a glass like finish. Used for Desktop and Counter applications, Wall displays, Carousels, Trolleys, Foyer stands and many other point of sale displays.

All Leaflet holders can clip to each other and have full height supports for leaflets.

Create your own unique designs.

Countless display combinations possible.

Postcard Holders

Horizontal or Vertical

Visually striking and a great marketing tool.

Manufactured from clear, high impact, scratch resistant, styrene creating a glass like finish.

Used for Desktop and counter applications, Wall displays, Carousels, Trolleys and Foyer Stands.

Create your own imaginative designs.

Business Card Holders

Horizontal or Vertical. Desktop, Clip On or Flat back designs.

Manufactured from clear, high impact, scratch resistant, styrene creating a glass like finish.

Used for Desktop and counter application.

Clip on versions allow many other display applications.

Can clip onto leaflet holders creating attractive displays.

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Multi-Tiered Storage Units

Consolidate your leaflets into a multi pocket or multiple tiered leaflet holder storage unit.

Ideal for desktop or counter displays.

Manufactured from clear, high impact, scratch resistant, styrene, creating a glass like finish.

Four versions currently available.

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Wall Display Units

A full range of high quality wall displays making effective and visually striking leaflet holders.

Our modular design allows different sizes of holders to be mixed and matched to create your own display.

Combinations of A4; A5; 1/3 A4 holders and Postcard holders to meet your every business need.

Wall displays are easily assembled, strong and durable.

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Display Carousels

Perfect for busy locations.

Available in 3 tier version (each tier with one or two levels).

Available in 4 tier version.

Each tier rotates independently.

Our modular design allows fully interchangeable leaflet holders and postcard holders within each tier, giving many design options.

Carousels provide excellent brand exposure through our header card facility and the unique tree design shows your display from any direction. Base and pole can be supplied separately.

Assembled in minutes, no need for tools. Lightweight but sturdy construction. Five legged base for added safety.

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Display Trolleys

Perfect for high traffic areas.

The best selling display trolley on the market. Various sizes to meet your specific business needs.

Easy to assemble - tools provided.

Lightweight yet strong steel frame.

Flexible and portable.

Display holders are interchangeable giving many display combinations to enhance your literature.

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Foyer Stands

Excellent literature display tool.

Uniquely designed for all leaflet and postcard holders.

Perfect for high traffic areas, slim line and space saving.

All holders are fully interchangeable giving numerous display combinations to meet a variety of business and display needs.

Lightweight but sturdy, five legs for added safety and stability.

Easy to assemble without the need of tools.

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To compliment our range of leaflet display systems we supply a range of accessories.

(please see the Accessories page)

UNIVERSAL BASE STAND Primarily used for desktop support for holders
ALUMINIUM WALL BARS For Wall displays (225mm - 450mm - 900mm)
SLAT WALL CLIP For Slatted wall mounting
WALL BRACKET For wall mounting of single display holders
A4 HEADER SLEEVE For customising Carousels

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