We supply the best selling Trolley Displays on the market

Our Display Trolley range is extremely versatile, visually striking and is designed to support many combinations of both leaflet and postcard holders which will enhance your literature displays.

Trolley's are easy to assemble with the tool provided and the lightweight yet sturdy powder grey steel frame blends with any décor. Trolley's are perfect for high traffic easy to manoeuvre and easy to store when not in use.

We supply three specific frame sizes, the 450mm and 900mm wide frames hold many combinations of leaflet holders and the 540mm frame is designed for postcard holders.

Trolley frames are available for other display and merchandising purposes.

Contact us for more information and prices inclusive of mainland UK delivery charges.

Let us help you customise your Trolley Display.

 Display Trolleys

Some examples of Display Trolley combinations.

16 A4 leaflet holders32 A4 leaflet holders

80 1/3 A4 leaflet holders42 horizontal postcards


16 A4 Leaflet Holders TR16A4 1270x490
32 A4 Leaflet Holders TR32A4 1270x960
40 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders TR40TF 1270x490
80 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders TR80TF 1270x960
40 1/3 A4, 16A4 Leaflet Holders TR40TF16A4 1270x960
32 Vertical Postcard Holders TR32VP 1200x500
42 Horizontal Postcard Holders TR42HP 1200x500
450 Trolley frame only TR450 -
900 Trolley frame only TR900 -
540 Trolley frame only TR540 -

Immediately available from UK stock

All prices quoted will include mainland UK delivery charges

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