Our comprehensive Carousel range is the most versatile on the market.

The unique modular design of our holders means that leaflet holders and postcard holders are interchangeable giving the possibility of many display combinations and the opportunity to customise the Carousel to meet your specific business needs.

Carousels provide excellent brand exposure through our header card facility, they are powder grey in colour and the unique tree design shows your display from any direction.

Carousels are available in 3 tier versions which can support one or two leaflet holder levels on each tier, or up to three levels on each tier for postcard holders.

4 Tier versions which support one level of leaflet holders per tier.

Carousels are perfect for high traffic areas, they are easily transportable, lightweight yet sturdy and are assembled in minutes without the need for tools. All Carousels are 1760mm high by 610mm wide and the 'Spinners' which rotate separately can be set at heights to suit your display needs.

The base and pole are available for alternative displays and merchandising.

Contact us for more information and prices inclusive of mainland UK delivery charges.

Every conceivable Carousel combination available.

 Display Carousels

Some examples of Carousel combinations.

18 A4 holders (3 tier, 1 level)36 1/3 A4 holders(3 tier,1 level)72 1/3 A4 holders(3 tier,2 level)

36 1/3 A4 & 18 A4(3 tier,2 level)54 1/3 A4 holders(3 tier,3 level)24 A4 holders (4 tier,1 level)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - 3 Tier single level   Part Number
18 A4 Leaflet Holders C18A4
18 A5 Leaflet Holders C18A5
36 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders C36TF
6A4,6A5,12 1/3 A4 leaflet Holders C6A46A512FT

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  3 Tier two levels           Part Number
72 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders C72TF
36 1/3 A4, 18A4 Leaflet Holders C36TF18A4
12 1/3 A4,18A4,6A5 Leaflet Holders C12TF18A46A5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - 3 Tier Three levels Part Number
54 Horizontal Postcard Holders C54HP3
36 Vertical,27 Horizontal Postcard Holders C36V27HP3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - 4 Tier Single level  Part Number
24 A4 Leaflet Holders C24A4
24 A5 Leaflet Holders C24A5
48 1/3 A4 Leaflet Holders C48TF

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  -  Accessories          Part Number
Carousel �Spinners� -
Carousel Kit (Base, Pole, Spinners only) CS3A4
A4 Header Sleeve HSA4
Carousel Kit with Header Sleeve CS3TPA4

Immediately available from UK stock

All prices quoted will include mainland UK delivery charges

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